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The Guessing Game

What do you suppose people think when they see you…? Do they think you’re cool, important, confident, depressed or pleasantly weird perhaps?! Sebastian Ford recollects and explores the Guessing Game. A game we have all played at one time or another.

Do You Know Your Lapels?

Do you know the difference between a Notch and a Peak lapel? Find out here.

MMS&T Outfit of the Week #8

We are not one to mess around when it comes to suits. MMS&T Outfit of the Week 8, our most sophisticated outfit post yet.

5 Different Ways to Wear your Blue Blazer

9 Steps to a Suit that Fits

The most important factor to consider when buying a suit is the fit. This quick and simple list will show you what to look out for.

One on One: Basketball in Suits

‘You should never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life’.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Suit

Let us help you buy a suit without having any regrets.

5 Rules to Nail the Interview and Land that Dream Job

At last, here it is… Me My Suit & Tie’s 5 golden rules to nail your interview and land yourself that dream job.

How to Choose the Right Lapel Pin

Find out what this latest trend is all about!

MMS&T Outfit of the Week #7

Looking sharp and mixing it up with this Outfit of the Week #7.

MMS&T Outfit of the Week #6

Here it is. Or should we say here he is?! Either way, it’s Thursday and that can only mean one thing. MMS&T Outfit of the Week #6.

Why Wearing Shorts with your Suit is Trending

We have a look at the growing trend of wearing shorts instead of trousers with your blazer. It’s obviously a cooler option but does it work? Find out what we think.

MMS&T Outfit of the Week #5

This weeks Outfit of the Week is a great example of dressing down your formal wear. Oh and it includes a Fedora hat and Chelsea Boots.

Royal Ascot 2015

Horses, Pimms and top hats. We take a look back at the outfits we spotted at Royal Ascot 2015.

How to Dress for a Wedding

Contrary to popular belief (in Britain), summertime is almost upon us. If you’re planning to attend any summer weddings, our exclusive guide with show you how to dress for the occasion.

How to Match Your Suit with Your Shoes

One of the most asked questions that gets put to me is, “What colour shoes should I wear with my suit?”

Well, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about matching your suit with the colour of your shoes.

MMS&T Outfit of the Week #4

Are ripped jeans suitable for smart casual? Tell us what you think of Me My Suit & Tie’s Outfit of the Week #4.

How to Wear a Tie

Mix it up a bit by using this simple guide to get more from you tie.

The History of the Tie

Have you ever wondered where this noose like fashion accessory comes from? Well wonder no more.

MMS&T Outfit of the Week #3

Rain, a trilby and a Romanian called Andrei. Another Outfit of the Week.

MMS&T Outfit of the Week #2

A lazy sunday but still managed to throw together this little number.

The Pocket Square

How should you wear a pocket square? Let us show you.

The History of the not so Square Pocket Square

Find out where it all began. Right here, right now!

Does the Man Make the Suit or the Suit Make the Man

A monkey in a suit is still a monkey in a suit? One mans thoughts.

Why Smart Shoes are Essential to Completing a Suit

A personal account of my attempt to soften the depression of age with shoes.

The Interview #2: Face to Face

Give yourself the best possible chance. Follow these tips that explain how to act to ensure you nail that interview.

The Interview #1: What to Wear

Seven seconds is all it takes. A simple guide on what to wear, so that you give the best impression from the off.

Why I Hate the Bottom Button

If you don’t know the rule about the bottom button, then read this now!

MMS&T Outfit of the Week #1

My look for a night out in London with friends… They liked it, what do you think?

Mr Grey and his Grey Suit

Great clothes, awful film. A review of one of the most controversial films of 2015.

10 Tips for Getting the Best Out of Your Suit

Are you getting it wrong? Instigate these tips to make sure you’re making the most of your formal attire.

The Time I got a Tailor Made Suit

An honest account of my experience getting my first and last tailor-made suit.