In this week’s Outfit of the Week, we would like to introduce another one of our Me My Suit & Tie’s models - Josh.

I met Josh at the beginning of the year. We at MMS&T had decided that we needed to freshen things up a bit and add some new blood to represent the company. You may remember that in January, MMS&T advertised for new models and Josh had contacted us through our Facebook campaign, expressing an interest in joining the ranks.

The response to that campaign was huge and out of all the suggestions and enquiries we received, there were a few that really stood out. One of them was Josh’s entry, which caught our eye as a possible look that would represent MMS&T in exactly the way we wanted. We didn’t waste any time in getting him into the studio.

Having spent the past 5 years studying in Spain, Josh obviously having had enough of Sangria, Salsa and sun had decided to return to the UK to pursue his ambition of becoming a model. A love for fashion and photography results in a model who is relaxed in front and behind the camera and as it turns out, also a great ambassador for MMS&T.

This week we met for a coffee and general update on the progression of MMS&T. He was wearing a slim fitted, grey, windowpane checked blazer. Single breasted with two buttons set higher as is often seen in modern tailoring.

Underneath a white shirt with blue detail and a button down collar, offering more interest and character than a classic white.

A beautiful and eye-catching orange pocket square with brown detail flourished from his outer breast pocket. Adding flourishes of colour via a tie or pocket square is always a great way to catch the eye! Check out our pocket square blog for more information on wearing this accessory.

On his left lapel he was wearing a golden stags head, adding a touch of individuality. These lapel pins are a growing trend and it’s not hard to see why. It’s all in the small details that make an outfit average or great and these lapel pins are an obvious choice.

With so much detail on the top half of his outfit, it was no surprise that he had opted for black jeans with black Chelsea boots, as to not overcomplicate the look.

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That’s all for now but remember people the devil is in the detail!