It was a good friend of mines birthday this week and a group of us went to London, Shoreditch to be precise to have dinner at a very cool Mexican restaurant called La Cassa Negra. Which despite being slightly costlier than your average Tex-Mex, I would recommend whole heartedly to anyone wanting to satisfy their craving for Tacos and Tequila.

Obviously, the situation dictated that a whole suit may be a bit too formal for the occasion but I decided to wear my navy blazer, which I am particularity fond of at the moment. The colour and fit is exceptional and its collar is made of brown leather, adding a original, yet unique twist.

My cream Chinos helped to dress down the outfit. I often team my blazers with chinos, as they are less formal than dress trousers or suit trousers, yet more formal than jeans.

They perfectly fit into formal and casual outfits, resulting in them being a very important item in my wardrobe. I also love mixing cream and navy colours, so for me they were an obvious choice.

My brown Loakes were a perfect match to the navy and cream. As explained in why smart shoes are essential to completing your suit, you should never underestimate the importance of footwear. They are also ridiculously comfortable and as I wasn’t sure how much walking I was going to have to do, comfortable shoes were an important factor too consider.

A brown belt and brown metallic tie, complimented the shoes and the brown leather collar, helping to tie all the colours together.

I opted for a white pocket square and silver tie bar. Looking sharp and simple, they finished the outfit perfectly and added those important finer details. A bold or textured pocket square may have been too much and would have probably resulted in overcomplicating the look.

The evening, as far as I can remember was a roaring success. The restaurant was a Mexican delight, situated in one of the coolest areas in London. I spent the evening surrounded by hipsters, in their skinny jeans and matching homeless man inspired beards.

I hope you like our first Outfit of the Week article, let me know what you think and make sure to check out Outfit of the Week #2 for my lazy sunday look.

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