Tie Knot Tutorial #6 The Trinity

The Trinity knot is rounded, asymmetric, unique and eye-catching. Slightly more adventurous than the Prince Albert, yet fairly simple once understood. All of the windings to create this knot are carried out using the thinner side and a longer tie is recommended if possible. More suited for non-professional occasions, such as parties or weddings this knot will amaze and baffle at the same time.

For a more formal or classic tying technique, have a look at the Half Windsor or any of the other Tie Knot Tutorials in this series.

Tie Knot Tutorial #5 Prince Albert

The Prince Albert can mean many things. It also happens to be an unusual and asymmetrical tie knot. It is slightly bulkier than the Four In Hand, due to the wider side winding twice around the thinner. The two layers in the knot really give it a unique finish and if worn with a textured or patterned tie you, are sure to catch the eye.

And if you really want to show off, there are few knots more flamboyant than the Trinity knot, which is up next and concludes our Tie Knot Tutorial series.

Tie Knot Tutorial #4 The Prat

Fourth instalment of the Tie Knot Tutorials is the Prat knot, also known as the Shelby knot. It’s a tidy, triangular knot, that’s fairly wide but not as wide or bold as the Full Windsor. A nice and versatile knot, which can be worn on any occasions and works well with most dress shirts. A very simple technique and ties of light or medium fabrics are recommended.

If you fancy trying something a little different to your regular triangular shaped knots, have a look at the Prince Albert, which is up next.

Tie Knot Tutorial #3 Full Windsor

The third in the Tie Knot Tutorial series is the powerful Full Windsor Knot, an extension of the Half Windsor. A wider triangular shape, that projects confidence and so is perfect for that important presentation or job interview. Due to the size of the knot, a tie of lighter or medium material is preferable and to get the most out of this knot, try it with a cutaway or spread collar shirt.

If you do have that important interview coming up, I suggest you grab a tie and perfect this bold knot. Also our How To Dress for the Interview blog is full of tips to help ensure that you project the right attitude.

Next up in the series is the tidy yet simple Prat knot.

Tie Knot Tutorial #2 Half Windsor

So this is the second instalment of Me My Suit and Tie’s excusive Tie Knot Tutorials. A more symmetrical knot compared to the Four in Hand knot. The Half Windsor has a triangular shape and is better suited to wider ties of lighter or medium fabrics. A modest version of the Full Windsor knot, the Half Windsor is suitable for any occasion and can be worn with any dress shirt.

If you like this knot, I suggest you take a look at the next in the series. The Full Windsor, which is a natural progression from this Half Windsor.