There are a few essential items I think every man should have in their wardrobe. A decent and well fitted suit, (tailor-fitted if possible). A pair of smart, dark blue jeans. A crisp, fitted white shirt and whatever else GQ or Esquire recommend.

However, one of these items I particularly believe in is and that’s a nice, quality pair of smart shoes.

They say you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes, most notably if he’s just crossed the muddy park on the way over here. As it happened I bought my first pair of quality shoes last year.

I had always wanted a decent pair and as it was my 30th year on this planet, I felt I was long overdue to spoil myself and if I was going to take that closer step to middle agedness, I may as well have a nice pair of shoes to take it in.

Why I Choose Loake’s

I went for a pair of  Loake’s, which at £150 are more expensive than your average high street store but not so expensive that I feel the need to lock them in my high-security vault at home.

They were light brown, as I have always loved the look of a blue suit with brown shoes. I also knew they would work well with my dark blue jeans in a smart casual look.

The very smiley sales assistant was very helpful in store, informing me in a mysterious way that the man doesn’t choose the shoe but more that the shoe chooses the man. Which to be honest, I embarrassingly recognised as just a bad Harry Potter quote regarding choosing wands.

Once I had decided on the pair of shoes I liked (or the pair that like me), I was then advised on a whole list of creams, and wax and brushes and cloths needed to keep my wand shoes in pristine condition.

I wasn’t expecting this surprise attack and suddenly I realised that my investment was going to top the £200 mark.

Obviously I wanted to make sure that I looked after my shoes, after all they are an investment … I also didn’t want to come across as cheap so I bought everything she suggested, even the suede cleaner which puzzled me as my shoes were leather.

Although slightly more expensive than I would have liked to pay, I do now own another item that like I said is essential in any man’s wardrobe, or under the bed or wherever you like to keep them.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Shoes

Cheap shoes are a false bargain. They are made of low-grade leather, glue and rubber. Good shoes begin with great leather and you should be prepared to pay for it.

Once you have made the investment, a little time and effort looking after them will ensure they last longer than any three pairs of cheap shoes.

Buying these shoes are one of my best investments to date. They look great and actually make my suits look better too. Nothing can ruin the look of a  nice suit quicker than a pair of cheap/dirty clodhoppers.

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