It was a good friend of mines (you know who you are) birthday this week. It just so happened to be a important number and in typical fashion, he decided to rent out a bar near to where he lived and promptly invited everyone he has ever met… ever. Again it was one of these smart casual affairs, that presumably due to laziness, tends to be the dress code of choice at the moment and that’s where the MMS&T Outfit of the Week #3 comes in.

The weather, like the birthday boys mood was surprisingly cold, considering the warmer weather we had been experiencing and on top of that, it decided to rain. I wore a single-breasted, black blazer in a classic shape and fit. I knew a grey cardigan underneath would look great and would provide some much-needed layering and added warmth against the Arctic conditions.

Underneath, I wore a white shirt with grey pinstripes. A copper metallic tie simply tied using the four in hand technique was matched with a grey pocket square with bronze Paisley detail.

Black distressed skinny jeans fulfilled the casual aspect of the dress code and black suede shoes were the obvious choice to complete the look.

The party as far as I can remember was successful and it was great to meet his Romanian friend Andrei, whom he met once waiting for a bus at Shepherds Bush. After a few Babycham’s I was even able to fulfil a lifelong ambition of re-enacting dancing in the rain… which was pretty cool.

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