There are a few certainties in life. For example you can be confident that on the day you decide to wash your car, will be the very same day that a pigeon, who presumably having had an outrageous curry the night before will decide to, ‘redecorate it for you’. Or the day when you absolutely without fail have to get to work on time, will be the day your (newly redecorated car) won’t start, on the same day of the bus/train strike, oh and it will also rain.

Equally for me, I can be certain that whenever Charlie rings my doorbell, that I will open the door to be greeted with a criticism about my driveway, haircut and/or music selection. A coffee (flat white) and that he, nine times out of ten, will look like he’s just stepped off a film set. This isn’t, I must hasten to add, a criticism. It is a positive observation of individuality and confidence. Like any experimentalist, it does occasionally result in some awful (and I mean horrendously bad) results but I must admit, most of the time he manages to pull it off.

This week was no different and I opened my door to a cheeky grin followed by, ‘when you going to get that drive sorted?!’ (Admittedly it does have cracks larger than the ones in the new San Andreas film). Whilst handing me a warm Costa takeaway cup and pushing past me, completely disregarding my ‘no shoes rule’.

You may remember Charlie from our previous Outfit of the Week, wearing a blazer with ripped jeans. However on this particular day he was wearing a black, two buttoned, single breasted, cotton blazer in a tailored fit. Easily added to any outfit and flattering on most body shapes, it is always a great light option to consider as your outer layer.

The fashionista was also wearing a green tartan pocket square, worn in a simple straight style, which added a subtle hint of colour to an otherwise plain black jacket. The green tartan worked well with the green t-shirt underneath.

When wearing a pocket square, especially without a tie, it is always best to try and find some colour elsewhere on the outfit to compliment it. This could be matching the pocket square to the lining of the jacket or your socks for example. It tends to help tie the whole outfit together.

The jacket also wielded a black flower lapel pin. Lapel pins are becoming increasingly popular - effortlessly trending and it is not hard to see why. Easily worn with any suit jacket or blazer and available in a variety of different styles, they are a perfect accessory to add a touch of character to your everyday formal wear.

Underneath was a green, extra long sleeved t-shirt. These extra long t-shirts seem to be really popular amongst the more adventurous fashionistas. Often resembling a dress or your nan’s nighty, these t-shirts come in both the long and short sleeve style and the length of the T can vary from slightly longer than normal, to somewhere around the knees. Thankfully today the ‘slightly longer than normal’ variety was being sported.

Smart skinny black jeans worked well with his black suede Chelsea boots. Not too smart and not too casual, Chelsea boots are a great investment. Massively popular at the moment, they are versatile and will probably be a great option for many more years to come.

Round dark tinted sunglasses and a black Fedora hat helped to add the unique finishing touches to an otherwise, (by his standards) a fairly classic look. Fedoras have really come back on the male fashion scene recently. They are however a tough nut to crack. With the right outfit and face shape, a Fedora can instantly transform an uninspiring outfit into something more edgy and interesting. Get it wrong however and you could look like a poor Indiana Jones tribute act.

It’s a little different but again I think it works. The nice quality of black is that it can work with any colour. This outfit would have looked equally as great with any colour t-shirt, dress shirt or even a v-neck jumper would work, which makes this an incredibly versatile look. Smart, without being too formal and unique without looking too attention seeking. Another great look for those smart formal occasions.

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