For me, the humble pocket square is an important part of any man’s wardrobe. It has been this way for many years as indeed I found out while researching the history of the pocket square, and I’m sure it will be for many more.

It is however often overlooked by many who for some reason choose not to wear a pocket square. I’m not sure if this is simply because they think it is a bit much and maybe somewhat ‘try-hard ‘.

It may just be that some guys just don’t think about it, or perhaps they are not sure how to wear one. Regardless of the reason, I still firmly believe that a pocket square can help add diversity and character to any smart outfit.

There is only one rule to consider when choosing a pocket square. That rule is your pocket square and tie should never match in colour and pattern. This is a massive faux pax, it shows little imagination and it can look like you are wearing a Christmas present your aunt Nora bought you for your 16th birthday.

The trick is to take an aspect and match. So if you for example, have a yellow tie with blue spots, you should match with a pocket square that has blue in it to match. Take a look below as some examples of how to match your pocket square and tie without both being exactly the same.

If you are still finding it difficult, a white pocket square is the easy option and can be worn with any tie. I often wear a pocket square without a tie and this bypasses the whole matching tie problem all together. If you can match the pocket square with the lining of your jacket or maybe the colour in the weave of your tweed jacket maybe. Socks can also be matched if you really want to.

So there it is. To be honest, as long as you feel good and confident when you walk out the door, it is the right choice. Just try to remember the one golden rule and that’s not to match your tie and pocket square.

For that extra effect have a look at our pocket square tutorials and maybe try folding your pocket square in a different way. How you wear your pocket square can have as much of an impact as what colour or pattern it is.

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