Should we ever wear short suits? Now I am not talking about suits that are short in length. Indeed if you are a slightly shorter man, then of course a shorter suit that fits you properly is always a must. Baggy trousers around your ankles and jackets so long that it looks like you are 5 and wearing one of your dad’s jackets is not a good look. No, I am talking about wearing a suit that in place of dress trousers, shorts are worn instead.

To be honest, I am still not sure what this particular outfit is called, if indeed it does have a name. If you happen to know what it is, then please don’t hesitate to message and enlighten me. In the mean time, I’m going to name it the ‘Shorts Instead of Trousers Suit’. Or SIOTS for short (no pun intended). Not a catchy name admittedly but come on, I have a blog to write here.

Why Shorts are a Smart Option

Ever since it graced the Spring/Summer catwalks back in 2013, it is a look that I have found difficult to make my mind up on. However, this is the year that I embrace the ‘SIOTS’. When done right I have found that it is a great alternative for those more formal occasions which require a smarter look but in an environment that would otherwise be better suited to a lighter option.

You see so much of looking good is indeed about feeling good. You could be wearing an amazing suit but if your are sweating like a pig on a stick, you just won’t look good.

So what are your options for that beach wedding or summer BBQ fundraiser that your boss has invited you to?

Lighter materials that breath is what you want in a summer suit. Linen and lightly woven cottons are most suitable. A good tip to remember is that if you cannot see through the fabric when holding it against the light, then it is not well suited for warm summer weather.

Another factor to consider is colour. Dark colours will absorb heat and in contrast light colours will reflect. So make sure you stick to light blues or light greys for example and leave the dark suit at home. I’m sure it will get it’s chance to shine at the Christmas party.

If you do however want to try something a little bit different the Shorts Instead of Trousers Suit is indeed a realistic option.


  • The length of the shorts should fall no longer than your knees. Equally they should not be too short. They should rest either at the knee or a few inches higher.
  • Ideally dress shorts are best. They are much smarter and will suit the style of the blazer better. Keep away from denim or any sport like designs.
  • Say no to socks! Enough said.
  • Embrace Accessories. Ties, Pocket Squares and Lapel Pins will help add detail and can help tie the whole look together.

So as we celebrate the hottest June since records began and endure other record-breaking temperatures into July, I’d say swap your trousers for shorts. It is a cooler and therefore a more practical option. If you do opt for this look, why not send us your photos? I would love to see your take on the SIOTS and we might just publish them. Until next time… Keep cool.