9 Different Ways to Wrap Your Scarf

‘Tis the Season?

So admittedly the timing of this tutorial could have been better. Possibly around November time would have been ace, when the temperature and general mood of the country drops.

It’s at that time of year where we get up in the dark and leave work in the dark, for a few miserable months of the year. We are essentially nocturnal creatures and the bitter winds causes us to reach for our wholly hats, gloves and of course wrapping our scarves around our necks, in a desperate attempt to keep the cold at bay.

It is now of course… June.

So a tutorial on how to wear your scarf could have indeed been better timed. However, I think I may have the unreliable English weather on my side. I predict, unpopular though it may be, a cold June and a wet and windy July. That being said, don’t get yourself down, for there is always a silver lining.

A bright light in the dark if you like and that is this scarf wrapping tutorial. Once you have watched this tutorial, you will want the wind to blow and the temperature to drop. Then you will have an excuse to wear your scarf in a variety of different ways. Even Gok Wan would be impressed.

Another Form of Identity

Don’t neglect the scarf. It is so much more than just a practicable solution against the cold. It is a beautiful and possibly character defining part of your outfit. Everyone recognises Doctor Who’s scarf and even the way he wore it (it’s called the Wrap Around and yes its included in this tutorial). It can add eye catching colour or if you’re wearing a blazer with a casual jumper or t shirt, it can help smarten up the look.

Scarves do of course come in many different materials. During the colder winter months, a heavier woollen material may be preferable, due to its effectiveness against the cold. Indeed that scarf your nan knitted you when you were 5 may not look so trendy but it kept you warm right?!

During milder spells, I personally would recommend a silk scarf. It may not provide as much warmth as your nan’s woollen material but I love the texture and lightness of silk. It is also perfect to wear to more formal occasions with a suit or dress jacket.

These scarf wrapping techniques are incredibly simple and quick to pick up. I am sure you won’t have any issues but if you do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch info@memysuitandtie.com

Sebastian Ford

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