Folding Your Suit for Travel

Obviously it goes without saying, you should never really fold your suit. Usually it will result in creases deeper than the ones on your great granddads face, (or laughter lines as he calls it). Resulting in an almost certain emergency visit to the local dry cleaners. However there are certain circumstances where there is no option and often, when travelling abroad, it is necessary to throw everything into a 56 X 45 X 25cm (easy jet customers you are welcome) bag.

A while back, I was visiting a very talented tailor and watched as he expertly folded a suit ready to be shipped off to one of his clients. I was mesmerised as I watched him prepare the garment, it was like the guy had a black belt in folding. Trust me if folding was an olympic sport, he’d have a few golds. Luckily, I had been able to build a good relationship with this garmenting wizard and managed to get him to show and teach me his method.

Whenever I travel, this is the method I adopt when having to fold my suits. It is not perfect, but when I do unfold my suit, it is always in a much smoother state than when I’ve tried other methods. It is still best when transporting your suit to do so in a suit bag, preferably hung in such a way that allows the suit to hang as free as possible. If you do have to fold your suit, I would suggest trying the method shown in this video.

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