MMS&T Outfit of the Week #7

This Outfit of the Week is all about ‘the mix’. Once upon a time, the rule of thumb was ‘if you sit too close to the television, you’d go blind’. That if you shouted ‘JINX, PADLOCK, PERSONAL!’ you had complete control over your friends future oral capabilities. And that if you, ‘smelt it, then you definitely dealt it’. Recently and probably more so to the subject at hand, is the rule to never mix prints or patterns.

However, like ‘double denim’ or wearing navy with black, this is a rule that in recent years has been ignored and I for one am very happy about it. From stripes and polka dots to leopard print and paisley, print mixing is hands down one of the most popular celeb and street style trends of the last few seasons.

Now don’t get me wrong, like everything there is a time and place. Mixing prints is a great way to stand out and allows you to show off your individuality and creativity. Perfect for the office or even a drink by the river, celebrating that pay rise or simply that it’s Friday. Other more formal or professional situations may call for a more neutral classic look. Knowing the suitable occasions as to when and where to stand out is an important skill to master.

It should go without saying that attending a funeral in a checked shirt, stripy tie and polka dot pocket square doesn’t go down well (unlike my granddad, who was lowered without problems), even if it is an impressive looking combination. However, this week I was attending a friends graduation in Dublin, so there was no chance of offence (as long as I didn’t tell my Leprechaun joke).

I was wearing my favourite blue suit. I love the colour, the subtle pattern on the material and most importantly, the way it fits. Personally I feel that a classic, slim fitted, single-breasted, two buttoned jacket helps to flatter all body shapes. If you don’t have a suit and are thinking of purchasing, this is the shape to go for.

With the suit I was wearing a cotton, red and blue checked shirt along with diagonally striped silk tie. The stripes on the tie traditionally would have meant a no-no with the checked shirt. However by matching the colour of the tie to the shirt, I managed to add a sense of cohesion. By adding a blue and red polka-dot pocket square, the result is three different patterns clashing in patterns yet linked instead by colour.

Being a lover of the odd accessory I also added a silver tie bar. I kept the tie bar plain and simple ensuring not to complicate the outfit anymore.

My ridiculously comfortable black patent shoes, I teamed with a black belt. This is one of the rules I still always adhere to. I always match my shoe colour to my belt. I also try to ensure that my watch matches. So if I wear my brown shoes and belt I’ll wear my brown leather strapped watch. When black I’ll wear a black strap or in this case, a grey meal strap.

So that is my Outfit of the Week, I hope you approve. Why not try mixing your prints and patterns? Sometimes it actually takes putting seemingly in-cohesive items together to find really powerful and eye-catching results.

Just remember that when considering loud, character displaying looks:

  • Party= Good
  • Funeral= Bad

For other outfit inspirations, why not have a look at our other Outfit of the Weeks and remember the devil is in the detail.

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