The Casino Royal Style Box


There are not many colours that can create a sophisticated combination as distinguished as Navy and Red Wine. Timeless and quintessentially classic, The Casino Royal is essential for the modern-day gentleman.

  • Silk Tie Navy with Red Wine Floral Dot Detail
  • Silk Red wine and Navy Pocket Square
  • Navy Velour Flower Lapel Pin
  • Gold Arrow Tie Bar
  • Blue and Red Beaded Bracelet with a Gold Lion’s Head
  • Cotton Rich and Breathable Navy with Red Polka Dot Socks
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Contents of Style Box

  • Tie: Navy with a Red Wine Floral Dot Detail, 100% Silk, Handmade, 162 Long - 8cm at Widest Point
  • Pocket Square: Red Wine with Floral Detail and Navy Trim, 100% Silk, 32-32cm
  • Lapel Pin: Red Velour Textured Flower with an easy to attach Silver Pin
  • Tie Bar: Gold Arrow Tie Bar with Clasp
  • Bracelet: 8mm Red Imperial Jasper Beads Combined with 8mm Blue Sodalite Beads accompanied by a Gold Lion’s Head and Spacer
  • Socks: Navy with Red Polka Dot Detail. 80% Cotton 17% Polyamide 3% Elastane

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